Obama Fiddles While Al Qaeda Grabs Bio-Weapons

What's your worst fear?  Al Gore's promise the sky is falling?  A flu pandemic jumping out of Hong Kong? A chunk of space rock nicking the Earth and wiping out all species, including humans? 

Or how about a plain old vanilla nuclear war spreading out of the Middle East and cooking destinations West?

Think again...the real fear to fear is the lunatics in Al Qaeda unleashing a bio-attack on the USA.  And that reality may be here.

Al Qaeda in Syria have access to “biological pathogens or weaponized agents,” according to two bio-warfare experts.

“A very credible source has confirmed he saw, near Aleppo, a looted pharmaceutical laboratory, which was probably a cover for a biological weapons production site,” say Jill Bellamy van Aalst and Olivier Guitta.

“Al Qaeda’s primary biological weapon expert, Yazid Sufaat, was arrested in February 2013 while trying to enter Syria,” the two note. Sufaat was the guy that tried to get antrax into the hands in Al Qaeda in the early 90s. Finding him trying to get into Syria is a big hint whats going on there.

While Obama's busy opening US border to more illegals, is it a surprise he's absent the tiller on this one too?