Mothra: Fukushima's 'mutant butterflies'

Japan had nukes dropped them once so they built nuke plants on a giant earthquake fault and got themselves the biggest release of radiation during peacetime too.

Radiation seems to follow the Japanese like a junk-yard dog paces a perimeter fence.  The Japanese trauma over nukes is oft reflected in old 1950s sci-fi flicks depicting mutant giant-big animals genetically hopped-up on radiation.

Fukushima may be making reality out of the old movies.

Genetic mutations have been found in three generations of butterflies from near Japan's crippled nuke plants.  Smaller wings, and wild-crazy butterfly eyes have been linked to radiation from the plant accidents.  The findings are raising fears already perkolating over the possible effects on people.

Thirty-five years since Chernobyl no scientific proof has been found that even a single case of leukemia or mutations in DNA has occurred.  But that has not stopped some from making wild claims based on conspiracy impulse.

Though no one has yet seen a moth with a 100-foot wingspan you can bet the Japanese are pretty sure that's next.

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