Top Five Obamacare Fails

The Democrats and Obama are in damage control mode.

The nasty 'thing' created by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other liberals has hatched into a full-force failure of titanic proportions.

So soon after the public and the unions finally figured out 'what was in it' the Demotards started to spin their usual yarn.

Shift blame to the GOP and even Bush?  Or more astoundingly suggest that the failure of Obamacare doesn't go far enough - a full-up single-payer socialized model like bankrupt Britain has is now required?

Does it ever end with these idiots?

 So what's not to like?
  1. Already 14 million people with private health care policies have gotten cancellation notices because Obamacare requires those policies to cover birth control, mental health, maternity, vision, dental with no price hike. 
  2. The middle class is being dismantled and their healthcare wiped out. Company provided premiums are going up by 50% to 150%. So employer health care is ending. Most of the middle class will be forced into medicaid or Obamacare.  The cost of the top two plans contain cost-bombs of huge deductibles, absurd co-pays, and untenable monthly premiums.
  3. Obama gave corporations, unions, and a few cronies a delay in the mandate to join Obamacare or pay a fine.  While he and congress are exempt from the system, Obama waged a government shutdown to place everyone else on a hotplate.  While the 'system' is down the mandate goes on, fines will be paid, and some will be forced to sign up to plans they cannot afford.
  4. Obamacare wiped out the full-time job.  Since passing, employers have been dodging their bullets by keeping headcount below 50, and by converting their full-timers into part-timers.  The ratio of 7 part-time jobs for every full-time job has resulted.
  5. The working poor are simply put out on the street.  These are the people that were living on the edge to start with and Obamacare forces them into medicaid or indigent care.  They can't afford the bottom Bronze plan which costs $6500 out of pocket before any benefit results.
Well, people voted these goons into office.  The shit-sandwich that is Obamacare won't go away - not for years.  Even if the GOP suddenly and miraculously gain control of the government and start to reverse the mess.  The damage is done, and the ditch is getting deeper each passing day.

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