Obama's Delusional Debt Ceiling

Obama is less than an enigma.

By any standard he has revealed himself to be a sneaky, specious, deceitful, austucious, cunning, delusive, disingenuous and obtuse man.  Whether by design or by obdurate ignorance the daily deluge of deleterious donkey-dung coming out of Obama cannot be mistaken for competence.

But can Obama be so deluded living behind the iron fence at the Whitehouse that he really believes the debt ceiling disconnected from debt?

The dark dolt pronounced last week: Raising The Debt Ceiling ‘Does Not Add a Dime to Our Debt’

“I’ve shown myself willing to go more than halfway in these [debt ceiling] conversations,” Obama whined. Do we need to point out that even with the complete capitulation by the Rino Republicans Obama simply says - hell no?

Well, who cares really...the debt is ponderous enough now that there's no turning back.  By 2020 the interest on the debt will equal all tax revenues.

But it's still a stunning piece of pomposity that Obama feels blissfully able or cripplingly contemptuous enough to utter such a laughable notion that raising the debt ceiling does not further raise the debt.

Or did you buy it?