One In Four Black Males Will Get Prostate Cancer

Britain's Prostate Cancer UK determined black males are at double the risk for prostate cancer compared to white male rates.  And it's all due to genes.

Prostate cancer  is second among male cancer killers trailing just behind lung cancer.  The American Cancer Society says there are 250,000 new cases reported and some 30,000 men die in the US yearly from prostate cancer.  And in the US about 3 million men are living with the disease.

So Britain is trying to get black males in to see a doctor, especially those over age 50.

The exam involves getting a finger stuck up your rear-end.  You don't have to say ahh, but you do need to drop your male ego for about 15 seconds while the doc snaps on and lubes a glove and fishes around for a fat prostate gland.

There's also a gene test.  And a PSA blood test.  But the finger goodie is the reason most black males don't get checked.

Where's Kathy Sebilious of HHS on this one?  Oh yea, she's hustling to keep her job after blowing the Obamacare rollout...