SEIU Food Fight Over Fast Food Workers

The SEIU represents unskilled, inexperienced, most often illiterate workers who think they should be paid at the same level as skilled, experienced, educated workers.  Irrational and unworkable, true, but the SEIU is after power and crippling industry just like the big boy unions like the AFLCIO.

The LA Times is a cesspool of liberal hacks.  So it's no shock they're whoring for the SEIU. The paper claims economists at UC Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have proof half of fast food workers are on the government dole totaling $7 billion a year.

At first blush, this sounds like the workers are underpaid and destitute so they have to supplement their income getting public handouts to survive.

The dirty secret is much more sinister. If the SEIU got its way, and fast-food workers joined a union and demanded higher pay they would all be fired. Why? Because the prices for fast food are chiseled in stone and the public will NOT pay more for a burger and fries. In fact, the margins on fast food are tighter than the sphincters on the goons running the SEIU.

Fast food jobs are NOT supposed to be taken by anyone trying to support a family or make a long term career. Unless management is in the workers future, pretending such a job is a viable choice for long-term employment is absurd.  Despite the fact that Obama has destroyed real jobs and left behind all these part-time fast-food jobs.

There's absolutely no question that for each buck the minimum wage is hiked hundreds of thousands of min wage jobs are lost. And they don't come back. Automation becomes more economical.

Then where's the SEIU gonna go? To the next barely surviving business, of course.