Man Pees In Lake Shuts Portland Water Supply Down

Is it possible to taint a city water supply if one guy takes a leak in an entire lake?  Portland, Oregon says uh-h

Portland sucks it's precious bodily fluids from the Mt. Tabor reservoir.  When a 21-year-old guy and his buddies were partying near the lake they were 'seen' by surveillance cameras tossing crap over a fence arcing a yellow stream into city's precious water supply.

The city says it's taking the system off line and dumping 8 million gallons of the eww-ee stuff into someone else's river and lake..

The Multnomah County DA says they may press criminal charges.  Wonder what those could be?  Illegal discharge of a toxic waste product into an effluent resource?

Wonder what the city does when they see deer, coyote, and fish defecating in the lake?  How about all the dead animals drowned - it only matters if one guy with the a prostate able to reach the lake through a fence?  C'mon folks, what's really going on?

City official complained - how would you like to drink someone else's pee?  Is that a rhetorical question?

Folks, you can't make this stuff up.   Wonder what the urine from one bladder to lake-sized water ratio might be?  Portland is full of liberal weenies these guys are used to drinking weird stuff so why stop now?