Pharmacist Uses Conceal And Carry To Kill Robber

Once again we have a would-be black armed robber pointing a gun in the face of a business owner. And once again we have an outcome proving why conceal-and-carry is so critical these days. 

The cops in Dumas, Arkansas say 31-year-old Tavell Lawson walked into the Meador Pharmacy around 5:30 a.m. Friday wearing a mask and looking for money.  Tavell stuck a gun in the face of the pharmacist, who was just opening the store.

The pharmacist backed up and started to comply. Tavell aggressively followed the druggist waving the gun and yelling invectives. At the point the phramacist was backed into a corner and clearly saw the threat to his life he pulled out his own concealed weapon. Trained for the circumstance the phramacist  fired the weapon point blank killing Tavell where he stood.

No arrest was made. The phramicist got lucky, Tavell got what was coming to him.

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