Pro-Abortion Activists Push ObamaCare Abortions

The creepy crawly curmudgeons of the darkside feticide forces are staging 100 kill-ins nationwide today.

The ghouls want women to expel their kids without guilt, and want women to know they can do the dastardly deed fee-free under Obamacare.

The growling hellions grin that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion so they named their ugly march-out today the '1 in 3'  event. 

Deb Hauser of Advocates For Youth, Ilyse Hogue of NARAL Pro-Choice America and Andrea Gleaves of Women’s Information Network are out with a few hundred of their brain-washed chanting, keep abortion “safe, legal, and affordable” – a marked change from the old pro-choice slogan from the Clinton years, “safe, legal, and rare.”

What's really going on? These monsters not only want YOU to pay for their carnage, and not only want YOU to stop trying to guilt those who participate, they also DARE YOU to try and stop them from aborting kids at any point in the pregnancy.

Note the sign carrier above,  Man haters too?  Shocking...