Brazil Crowns Transsexual 'Beauty' Queen

Wikipedia says: Transsexualism occurs when a person identifies with a gender not associated with their assigned sex, i.e. a person's assigned sex at birth conflicts with their psychological gender.

What the hell is an assigned sex or a psychological gender? 

In the olden days, kids who cross-dressed were thought to be 'strange'.  Today, they're beauty pageant struters at the Miss Trans Brazil 2013 constest.

And the winner gets a full-blown 'equipment' reassignment in Thailand, if they really, really, really want their penis removed.

The snag? Brazil has a law against the surgery. So the pageant people quickly rephrased: 'We did not directly offer transgender surgery as a prize. We presented the award as a gift voucher with the option for the winner to do what they want with the money in Thailand'.

The crown went to Raiica Ferraz, a hairdresser from São Paulo. The pageant queen gushed, 'I don’t need this operation, I already feel like a woman. I have been taking hormone tablets for more than four years now to create my curves and increase my bust size and I am really happy with the results'.

You go girl, guy, whatever...