Texas Teacher Segregates Blacks From Whites

Black parents at Hazel Harvey Peace elementary school in Texas are in a race rage. They say a music teacher committed the unspeakable act of calling black kids dumb and 'segregating' them from white students in his class.  If true, blacks sorta have a point, but so does the teacher. 

So read this one carefully, because the source story from Mail Online is biased and tries to paint the teacher as the sole problem while missing the larger point.

Mail Online doesn't have the name of the teacher in question, but offers Edgar Cajas as their best guess because the school's website 'lists a solitary music teacher as Edgar Cajas'. A dangerous thing to do Mail Online naming names without proof.

What did 'Edgar Cajas' allegedly do?

'He called the class stupid, and when he separated the black kids from the white kids, he told the black kids "I know where y'all from, I can tell neither one of y'all get punished at home,"' black parent Sandra Lee said her daughter said.

Is it possible black kids in the music class are undisciplined, spoiled, filled with a sense of entitlement, lacking effective grammar and attention skills? Do black kids self-segregate and act-out as a group?  Could the teacher have made the remarks and divided the class out of frustration - and not racism? Of course, but the split happened along skin color lines, so the basic point is quickly lost.

The school district hasn't named the teacher, nor suspended any teacher on staff.  Oh yea, the school was named after a black school teacher named Hazel Peace who died in 2008 at the age of 100.

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