Greeks Invent The Twitter Bra

Leave it to the Greeks to link social media with the unclasping of a women's mammary holster.

The 'Tweeting Bra' is a marketing ploy created for Nestle Fitness and their October's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The bra has a transmitter sewn into the clasp which makes a cell call when the clasp is unhinged. The call triggers a text message whcih gets sent to a special Twitter account.

Maria Bacodimou, a busty Greek TV nymph will wear the garment for 2 weeks. Her Twitter account followers are supposed to be reminded to perform breast self-exams each time she sets her girls free.

Men following the account will need to speak greek though, or learn enough of the language to seperate the bra messages from the more mundane texts.

And don't kid yourself, this is going to be bigger than a pair of 44EEEs. Bras will be making tweets worldwide. Make sure to get in on the Twitter IPO because this unexpected side-effect will make the Playboy empire look like a Hobbit villiage.

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