Electric Shock Cures Criminals

Electric Shock affectionally known as Electroconvulsive Therapy zaps the frontal lobes.  Back in the day, and before it became discredited, ECT was thought to 'cure' schizophrenia.  But it also turned people into veggies and got a bad name.

Now it's back.  Scientists have mapped the area of the brain that makes people act 'civilized' such as being polite, shaking hands and having good table manners.  They also found these neurons can be 'controlled' using by sending electric current through the skull via electrodes on the scalp.

Professor Christian Ruff said: ‘We discovered the decision to follow the fairness norm, whether voluntarily or under threat of sanctions, can be directly influenced by neural stimulation in the prefrontal cortex.’

See where this is going folks?  Betcha before long we start to smell burnt hair and skin on death rows nationwide.  Then some goonie California liberal will want to zap everyone else in prison and release them under the inference the cooked-headed perps are 'cured.'

If you live in a non conceal-and-carry state, move.  This is no joke.