Obamacare: Full Deductible Before Treatment

Doctors are running out of patience.  Not the human kind, but the emotional kind.  And Obamacare is gonna push run whats left out.

Private healthcare plans require a deductible and a co-payment in order to lower premiums and make the policies more affordable. 

Obamacare is no exception.  Comparing upper tier Silver and lower tier Bronze for individuals:

The average premium for Obamacare Silver is $330 per month, and the Bronze about $135 per month.  The family plans double the numbers.

The old system had an average $1000 per year deductible.  As deductibles had been rising, so followed the demands by medical care providers to get the full deductible payment before they would risk not getting paid by insurance companies.

Obamacare is tripling in most cases the deductible and copay nut people must now pay. Guess what doctors and hospitals are gonna do?

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