1.24 Million People Die Each Year On Roads

Odd how people accept and ignore horrific death rates if they really want a thing. 

The US nuclear industry has been running plants for 65 years and not one fatality has resulted.  Yet, people have accepted 60 million abortions in the US since they were legalized. Worldwide the abortion death toll is 1.3 billion! 

Why?  Because people want to be able to dump a kid as an 'inconvenience'.

People are also willing to risk and accept massive death rates in order to drive a car. Each year, that's every twelve-month, 1.24 million people DIE in a traffic accident. By 2030 that number will triple to 3.6million.

Road deaths are the fifth-leading cause of death - taking more victims than HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases.

In the USA about 40,000 die despite so-called advances in auto and traffic safety.

So when you hear someone whine about the death penalty (about 40), or legal guns owned by law abiding citizens (about 2,000) just remind them where death really happens and watch them rationalize their cars and abortions.