Dumb Blond Beer 'Goes Down Easy'

Texas-based Deep Ellum Brewing tipped over one of the hyper-liberal jack-boot feminists with the labeling on one of their products.

Deep Ellum Brewing brewed their newest delight and called it Dumb Blond Beer, the beer that 'Goes Down Easy'.  Clever and funny, both.

The hack behind the phony outrage pens at the Burn Orange Report.  Blogger Genevieve Cato charged Ellum with underhanded and sexist beer making and says it's 'unacceptable'.  Genevieve rants, 'Deep Ellum's lazy use of this well-worn sexist comparison of women to alcohol is disappointing and insulting to their female customers...'. Pleeeze.

Hint: Genie put this gem on her Twitter account banner: 'I am a feminist dragon. My fury is on fire.'  Agenda much?

The company needs to sit tight.  Ellum should not 'bend over' to Cato's whining. Real women will see the humor and drink the beer elbow to elbow next to the guys.

Blondes, redheads and brunettes alike!

Women Fine With Sexism As Long As They Benefit