Global Warming To End Humans By 2030

The Mayans had their chance. So did  Nostradamus. Biblical prophecy is still hanging out there, so where's the end of the world?

None of the doomsayers are winning.  But there's still hope.  A new cult of the dead has risen up in the past few years. Doomsayers that have a cruddy track record too. Who are they?

The Global Warming Cult is just as fervent, just as rabid, just as stubborn and man do they love their end-of-the-world knee-jerking.

Members of the Climate Change crowd have lost their precious hot air over the past month because the past fifteen years have trended colder, not hotter.

But there's no crises.  And the public is onto them now.

So what's left for the deep kooloaiders like Bob Geldof and Al Gore?  Preach the doom baby, like nothing's changed.  Rather than accept the truth, they're sinking into a din of despair and meloncholy.  And getting even more shrill.

Geldof told the One Young World Summit in South Africa this week that climate change will end all human life by 2030!

Well okay then. Start partying like it's 2029.

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