Woman Costumed As 'Abused Wife' Arrested

Detroit is home to urban decay, corrupt Democrat politicians in jail, zombies, and Cristina Crespo, 26, who went out on a Halloween pub crawl with her boyfriend last night.

So far, nothing noteworthy. Unless you saw Cristina costumed in an 'abused wife' get-up and her boyfriend likewise attired in a matching 'abused husband' ensemble.

Still, nothing notable. Unless you stumbled over Cristina laying face down on a sidewalk soaked to the gills, one arm laying in the gutter and soiling herself.

Missed that? Patrol officers arrived and observed a friend helped her to her feet and return to the cantina. After pondering her inebriated state the cops went into the cantina to find Crespo.

Crespo was sitting again, this time in back of the cantina. She told the officers she was on a pub crawl dressed in costume accompanied by her boyfriend who apparently was missing from the scene.

Satisfied the cops started walking back through the cantina when they heard Crespo ‘screaming and repeatedly hitting the boyfriend with her purse’. They tried to intervene, but Crespo ‘continued to be loud and belligerent and was detained.’

Be careful what you dress for, you might just end up in jail!