Obamacare: 50 Million Lose Healthcare Coverage

The Obama lie chief among all the Obama lies and the lie most affecting people's lives is the Obama healthcare lie.

David Axelrod is the insidious, duplicitous, surreptitious, balding, mustached ex-Clinton and Obama senior adviser.  David lost his political virginity in Chicago long ago.

Axelrod on Monday told MSNBC that “most” will be able to stick with their plan.

Remember, Obama clearly said, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

Since Obamacare's three-stooges style launch 20 million have already lost their coverage, and another 30 million are likely to lose same over the next year according to CBO.  So Axelrond's phrase-twist-spin that 'most will lose their coverage' seems a lot disingenuous huh?

Obama also predicted that the new law would reduce average family premiums by $2,500 per year, and Nancy Pelosi asserted that "everybody will have lower rates."   Either these two were simply in error, or they were knowingly lying to get their way.

What's your guess?

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