PETA Peeved Over Robo Roaches

If PETA had their way no flies would be swatted, no pests pesticided, no ticks pulled off a dog's ass (which kills them).  Luckily, PETA doesn't get their way.

Crowd-funded Backyard Brains of Ann Arbor, MI has developed the 'RoboRoach' giving kids and like-minded adults a way to mplant electrodes into a cockroach and control the insects’ movements. Nasty as that sounds, remember, we are talking about cockroaches - the nastiest disease ridden creature in the world. Cockroaches outnumber people ten to one and some of them have a one foot wingspan!

PETA's crying fowl - yet again. They want the RoboRoach kit declared illegal. PETA's counsel Jerrod Goodman claims it promotes the practice of veterinary medicine without a license.

“This cruel and inhumane product instructs children to, without anesthesia, send down various parts of a living cockroach’s body,” Goodman pronounced.

Ah but wait...According to Backyard Brain’s website, the cockroaches are anesthetized and the product is intended to teach neuroscience concepts.

Frankly, who cares. They're cockroaches for crud sakes! What difference does it make if you attach electrodes to the ass of one, or just step on it and get it over with?