'Die Quickly' Alan Grayson Runs Red Light Hurts Two

Democrat ex-house member Alan Grayson lives in Orlando, Florida. Grayson, recall is the screwball that took the house floor on numerous occasions armed with charts and hand-gestured histrionics during the Obamacare fiasco. After losing in the mid-terms in 2010, Grayson wants back in - you know like a resistant bacterial strain that never seems to go away.

Grayson was speeding on his way to a high-end campaign fundraiser on Saturday. The $1,000 per person event was being held in a penthouse suite where several high-profile, wealthy Democrats were to be in attendance, including Robert Kennedy, Jr and Cheryl Hines the wife-actress on the Larry David show.

Grayson was shooting along in a Mercedes, when he ran a red light and smashed into a public transportation Lynx bus. Two people aboard the bus claimed injuries, and were taken to a hospital.

Grayson is one of the bad ones.  The paunchy, hyper left-wing, pro-abortion, socialist, mouthy and spitting Grayson came to symbolize the empty-suits peopling congress in the Democrat Party super-majority.  When Pelosi ran things, Grayson fit like a staff member of the Politburo - a complete party-line hobbit.

When Obamacare was questioned by many, Grayson hopped onto his soap-box to declare that any GOP counter ideas where a 'die-quickly' scheme to kill off seniors.  Ironic given that Obamacare was the plan that passed, and did in fact contain 'death-panels'.  Grayson was snorting the koolaide, instead of just drinking it.

So, like Weiner, and Edwards and so many of the Democrat Party male breeders, is it surprising to see Grayson breaking traffic laws, running red lights, and hurting others in order to collect a bunch of elitist cash so he can return to congress and screw things up just a little bit more?

C'mon Florida, you already contributed to the downfall in 2008, and you have Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to account for, keep this guy on the shelf, okay?