Obama: The Siberian Candidate

Obama's hot mic whispers directed at Russian president Medvedev is more than an isolated and troubling incident.

Obama says there is no secret deal being struck with Russia to sacrifice Europe's defenses. But remember, Obama gave up Poland's missiles just days after entering office.

Even Pravda has endorsed Obama for reelection. Pravda boldly wrote last week: Romney 'Out-Of-Touch, Out-Of-Date, Unelectable.'

Reasonable people do not engage in conspiracy theory. But could Obama be a Siberian Candidate? The parallel with the fictional story of the Manchurian Candidate is stark.

The notion that Obama could or would work against his 'own' country begins with the debacle around the unsolved mystery surrounding his birth. Consider Obama's gaffes regarding Israel and his lack of support for student dissidents in Iran.  Coincidentally, Obama has stated he wants to reduce the US nuclear arsenal by a crippling 80%.

Is there a pattern that add up to more than a conspiracy theory?

"This is my last election...After my election, I have more flexibility" Obama offered Medvedev. "I will tell Vladimir (Putin)" replies the Russian president.

The Manchurian Candidate was from China. The plot is to swap a surgically altered Chinese military officer for the sitting POTUS. Is life imitating art?

Obama has a trail of failure wider than any president in history, from race baiting, attacking freedom of religion, Holder giving guns to drug lords, to doubling a crushing debt and wasting the money on unconstitutional laws.

If Obama is not a Siberian Candidate, then why get so cozy with Russia?

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