Occupy Tweeter '...kill a cop or 2'

The messes in the 'Occupy' streets are nothing like the anti-war protests in the '60s. Though there were cop killers, like Bill Ayers' Weathermen, the general cause was noble - end a war the Democrat presidents Johnson and Kennedy started.

The 'kids' today are confused, ignoble, narcissistic, and low IQ'd. Each new day of 'Occupy' cult-gathering brings a new day of aimless rants, destruction of property, and lost message.

That's the good part, the bad part is when one of these 'tech-savvy' kids forgets Twitter is a public toilet. Making a tweet on Twitter is the same as dropping your pants on a public sidewalk while someone with a cell-phone snapshots and immortalizes the event.

NYC cops are investigating a Twitter threat from a 23-year-old 'Occupy'-linked moron.  Rusty Braxton of Oviedo, Fla., was later identified from a screen capture of his Facebook page.

Braxton confirmed he sent the message but insisted his words were taken out of context. Hey Rusty, those are your COMPLETE words, the tweet proves it. Rusty insists the comment is just a general didn't mean it kind of cop killing comment.

Well, if a cop gets hurt during an Occupy riot now, Rusty will get a knock on his cardboard box door - get ready for it you idiot...

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