Property Rights: Supreme Court Rules Against EPA

Finally, the fascist EPA are being bitch-slapped by the US Supreme Court for their insidious practice of threatening land owners without due process.

The Supreme Court sided with an Idaho couple, Mike and Chantell Sackett, whose property near a scenic lake has sat undisturbed since the EPA ordered a halt in work in 2007. The ruling says the Sacketts can go to court to challenge an EPA order blocking construction of their new home. The couple can do that without the EPA's edicts of more than $30,000 a day in fines.

The EPA has been crushing private property owners under threats of large daily fines, to prevent them from taking the 'risk' of going to court to fight them.

The EPA issues over 3,000 compliance orders a year. The agency threatens first, and refuses to answer questions later. The EPA simply demands landowners stop what they're doing and repair the harm they've caused - without hearing or other court process!

Business groups, homebuilders, road builders and farming have all have joined the Sacketts in urging the court to make it easier to contest EPA compliance orders issued under several environmental laws - and today justice has been served.

Obama has been using the EPA to destroy private property rights - and doing it in an ugly way.