Liberal Editor Bob Caldwell Dies Sexing College Coed

There is a God. An American Heart Association study shows of those dying from a heart-attacks during sex, 93% were cheating on their wives.

The AHA concludes that often males are cheating in unfamiliar places, and with younger women adding to enough increased stress to put an exploding heart in the middle of the mess.

Chicago cardiologist Dan Fintel, from Northwestern University, said he routinely gave heart patients a 'sex talk' on their last day in the hospital, knowing that it was likely on their minds.

'Resuming sexual activity is safe and emotionally part of the healing process, with a few caveats,' Dr Vintel said.

Men with bad tickers should be warned about letting the snake out of its cage in unfamiliar settings especially with women not their wives.

Case in point, meet Bob Caldwell who was no stranger to strip clubs, DUI, and arrest reports - though he was a respected left-wing editor of several Oregon newspapers.  Caldwell was a stumpy 5'-8", 245lb senior at age 63.  Bob was a prime candidate for all of the above.

Married with kids, Bob woke up dead today after having sex with a 23-year-old college student ending a year long string of pay-for-books-for-sex romps in the coeds apartment.  The wife asks, did you have to buy her books to get between her legs?  Bob would say yes, but the cops won't charge the young woman with prostitution because no books exchanged hands on the day of Bob's demise.  That's blue state Oregon police work for you.

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