New Line Drawn In Abortion Debate

Anti-life advocates base abortion on a 'right' to privacy. The contention is that 'privacy' gives any woman the 'right' to abort at various states of pregnancy.

Published today in the British Medical Journal, Francesca Minerva, MD and medical ethicist, argues a newborn is not a real person. Francesca contends that a 'mother' should be able to terminate a newborn if she simply decides she cannot afford, or desire to care for the kid.

Dr Minerva argues that newborn infanticide is equivalent to abortion. She state that like an unborn child, a newborn has yet to develop hopes, goals and dreams and so, while clearly human, is not a person – someone with a moral right to life.

Absurd? Remember, we have seen this before. Eugenics has been around since the 19th century. The Nazi's put it into practice on a mass scale. The anti-life crowd make the Nazi program look like child's play.

To argue that a fetus will not be born a human is absurd. But to further argue that a newborn is not a person has to offend even the most hardcore anti-lifer. Consider that the above 'academic' work was written by an MD and published in a mainstream medical journal.

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