Tiger Woods Rude, Crude, And Cheap?

Celebrity gossip is part of the American culture. Group rubber-necking over celebrity downfalls is something the common guy can identify with and relish.

Tiger Woods was going to be the greatest golfer in history. Then it turned out he was just a 'guy' and not an immortal after all. Woods was unstoppable. But after being 'clubbed' by his ex-wife in his own driveway being caught cheating, Woods is seeming to come to a stop by his own hand.

Woods is mortal, flawed, even deprived. And now there is a book written by his 6-year coach Hank Haney to prove it.

Haney characterizes Woods as a selfish, cheap, profane guy who never had much use for others around him. Woods likes porn?  Shocking, a guy bedding cheap women in every lounge in every city on the PGA tour is a sex addict?

Haney notes during the 2006 Ryder Cup, several golfers, including devout Christian Zach Johnson, shared a hotel room with Woods. Tiger ‘immediately purchased the adult-move 24-hour package and turned it on,’ Mr Haney said. Apparently Woods got his woodie, and Johnson had to stay out of the room a lot.

'When he would go out to eat with now ex-wife Elin Nordegren, he’d get up and leave, expecting her to follow – even if she hadn’t finished her meal...[and] when he was done – and he habitually ate fast – you were done,’ Haney details in the book.  That marriage was doomed anyway, it appears.

Woods obliquely minimizes the tome charging Haney with trying to make a quick buck. Woods didn't read much before now, and apparently Woods won't be making an exception by reading this book either.  Rumor has it Woods is losing interest in golf.   If true, the fall will be complete.

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