FDNY Exam Workshop Turns Whites Away

Why do some blacks think they are now free to pull the same crap some whites did during Jim Crow days? Racism and discrimination is wrong even if your motive is 'catchup' or to exact 'revenge'.

Fighting broke out at Middle School 72 in Jamaica, Queens, when several 'white' went to a tutorial workshop for the FDNY entrance exam.

The Workshop was held by the Vulcan Society, for black firefighters only. Is there a Lily White Society that sends out emails for all white firefighters? No.

The Vulcan Society won a lawsuit recently over alleged discrimination against black firefighters. But, is the FDNY racist?  Or is this the ruling of an 'activist' judge?  The Hispanic FDNY firefighters say there is no racism in the department.

Racism is not okay, not even if practiced by former victims of the injustice.  Given the turn-back by the Vulcan Society, and the covert emailing campaign, it appears the group is more interested in 'selective' and not 'equal' right after all.

Anyone else notice how blacks are free to setup race based black-only groups in a post-civil rights era?  The Congressional Black Caucus probably won't agree.

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