Obama Gospel Hour Starring Obama

Obama has a deluded following - we call them koolaiders and Obamabots.

Ask any Obamabot if Obama can sing, they will rave. Ask them if he can play golf, they don't know the game. Ask them if Obama is smart, they point to Obama's unseen college transcripts. Obama even managed to mangle presidential history misquoting Rutherford B. Hayes today.

The truth is, Obama is not very good at most things. Obama is just smart enough to fool the shrinking bunch of groupies that once called him the 'Messiah'.

Obama can't singe of course - but his mossy grouse of Obama groupies don't really care, they get tingly (you listening Chris Matthews) when Obama points his flat nose into the air and squirts out a falsetto off-key couple of lines from an Al Green song.

Lets compare. Here is Obama and American Idol's Elise Testone both singing the same Al Green song. You be the judge, are the Obama delusionals right, can Obama sing? Find the original here.