Father Of Oregon Suicide Law Kills Self

Shakespeare was a master of irony. But real life bests the bard time after time.

Dr Peter Goodwin got the Oregon's Death With Dignity Act passed. The name has a melodramatic, macabre ring doesn't it? And today, the confused MD used his law to kill himself.

Dr Peter took an oath to do no harm, yet his legacy, now includes his own appropriate, self-inflicted death. Goodwin worked for two decades to get the law, and even crowed it was his 'greatest legacy'. What an ass.

Compassion & Choices, a coven of death-cultists was present when Goodwin shot himself up with barbiturates. Cult spokesman Steve Hopcraft noted, 'It was a good death and the family appreciated that. Peter was unique.' Good one Steve, make sure 'the family appreciated Peter dying' gets on the tombstone.

Goodwin admitted he didn't want to die after being diagnosed with corticobasal degeneration. The disease affected his balance and speech. So I guess in the end, he just couldn't take the shame of slurred speech and took death over stumbling around for a few more years.

A final bit of insight into this guys mind. Dr Peter said, 'Life is unfair so be fulfilled...be happy with yourself...know what you want to do and do it. Be happy. Know good friends. Be in love.' Sounds like the kind of baloney the acid-heads from the 1960's preached, huh?

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