Six Blue States Singing The Blues

The six states that are raising taxes and still spending the most are also the most costly to call home, and coincidentally are blue, blue, blue singing the blues.

The worst of the worst:

Delaware, home to Joe 'hairplug' Biden tops the list. The state is running a 12.8% red ink well, while spending the third most of any state per person, $8,800. Leaving income taxes static for now, they did raise taxes 5% on corporations and cigarettes. Home prices declined 20% since the start of Obama's depression.

California, the mess we love to hate the most. CA spends half per person that Delaware does, but raised income taxes by 5%. CA has an astounding 37% in red ink, and has the 2nd largest budget of all the states. Homes have lost 50% in value. CA bond rating is 2nd lowest, behind Illinois - junk.

Illinois, home to Barry 'green machine' Obama. Il spends even less than CA per person, yet raised income taxes by 5%. Il has a hefty 15% red ink trail. Homes have declined 22%. Illinois has the nations worst bond rating - pure junk.

New York, like CA, is home to a festering mess of Democrats running the state, and sent to congress. NY spends nearly as much per person that DE does while raising income taxes a full 5%. NY has a 14% red ink trail. Homes have declined 9%.

Rhode Island and West Virginia complete the rogue six list.

And if you are a senior, you need to avoid CA, RI, MS, ME, VT, NJ, CT, HI, and NY. Notice the overlap of worst run states are also the worst places for seniors to retire.

The lesson is simple, Democrats suck.