DOW 14K Good Times Are Back, Right?

Are the good times back? After all the DOW is flirting with 14,000 again. Or is the DOW just tracking inflated dollars coming from Bernanke's printing presses?

Smart, objective people always survive. Who is smart? The people that saw the housing bubble and dumped their houses BEFORE the collapse. Who is smart now? The people who see the money bubble and will sell long term bonds, stocks, and avoid taking on debt of any kind anticipating inflation - giant, big, 10-20% inflation - for starters.

Gold is a hedge against inflation, so why has it doubled along with the DOW? Gold buyers are trying to get ahead of the curve. Nothing is going to get cheaper, everything is going to get more expensive, especially oil, food, and the cost of debt.

Inflation is like pancreatic cancer, once you notice it, you are done - its over, prepare your affairs, you are dead.

And that is the essence of Bernanke's money's really not a secret. Bernanke has been pumping money and the DOW. They track together, but, like housing bubbled up far beyond incomes, the inflated currency bubble is the same, and even worse...and that makes Bernanke the warlock, not the wizard.

Look for the fun to start by December of 2012. Coincidentally, just after we find out who the president is going to be during the 'hard times' for next year.

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