Tiller 'The Baby Killer' Clinic Still Boarded Up

In stupendous irony, George Tiller operated the most brutal late-stage abortion 'kill-zone' in the USA and was gunned down while attending church!

Tiller counted among his friends the former governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius. Tiller operated an 'abortion mill' where late-term, 3rd trimester abortion was performed for almost any reason, including “temporary depression.”

Frumpy Dr. Mila Means, a 55-year-old solo family practitioner in Wichita, Kansas expected someone to restart the butcher-shop.  But no one did.  Though she only knew Tiller by reputation, she decided she would work toward filling Tiller's vacuum.  So she started to drive to Kansas City on weekends to learn how to do abortions. And make plans to restart the Tiller practice herself.

Once trained, she approached Tiller's widow Jeanne Tiller making an offer on her late husband's equipment. The price was $20,000.  A steep amount for Mila, who ran a fairly pathetic practice that threw off little extra cash. Mila, accompanied by Jeanne's bodyguard remembers how creepy it felt to walk through Tiller's boarded up clinic.

Word got out that Mila was working to pull back the Tiller scabs. Mila's practice was quickly destroyed...her patients gone, her business manager quit, and even her landlord is suing her because she has invited protests around her building.

Kansas is moving rapidly to plug the holes that allowed Tiller to flourish.  And Mila has apparently come to her senses. Mila continues her family practice relegating Tiller's abortion equipment to a dustbin in the basement. The confused doctor has not performed any abortions. She's made peace with the danger of a decision made nearly two years ago.