Augusta National All Male Membership Attacked

Augusta National is the US top golf course and home to golf's top tournament - the Masters. The rub? The national treasure has been a private 'male member only' club since it was founded in 1933 by Bobby Jones.

Augusta has been under attack because it excludes women from membership, and from wearing the coveted green member jacket. Women are allowed to play on the pristine course, but only as a guest or spouse of a member.

IBM is a major sponsor of the club and the Masters. The past four CEOs of the company were members. IBM just appointed a woman as CEO. Her name is Virginia Rometty. Virginia likes scuba diving, not golf.

But that is beside the point according to Martha Burk who tried and failed ten years ago to force Augusta to admit women as members. Why is Martha hot for Virginia to become a member? Because the club needs IBM and Burke is a frothing feminazi who needs an 'angle' to get her way.

'What IBM needs to do is draw a line in the sand by saying "We're either going to pull our sponsorship and membership and any ancillary activities we support with the tournament, or the club is going to have to honor our CEO the way they have in the past",' Burk said. Anyone wanna bet Burk is not a stockholder in IBM?

Virginia is not commenting. She was hired to run IBM not be a punching bag for Martha Burk and her private obsession with the club.

The story really illustrates the rabid nature of some to screw with tradition. If Burk wants women to join a golf club, let her start one of her own or contact one of the thousands of clubs that do let women in - oh wait, Burk doesn't golf either.

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