Yard Sale Movie Posters To Fetch $250,000

Again, gems from the attic long forgotten, sleeping, waiting, discovered, hyper-valuable relics scooped up for a song - but only to those in the know.

Three dozen movie theater posters were found in a Pennsylvania attic and are expected to fetch $250,000 at auction. The stunning art-deco poster-works were stuck together with wallpaper glue when discovered and gobbled up for a mere $30,000 at a yard sale in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

'As we started to steam and peel them apart... a number of them were in very, very nice shape...the colors had not seen the light of day in 80 years,' said Grey Smith of Heritage Auctions.

The films posters advertise date from 1930Prior to the Hays Code era that censored everything from religious criticism to 'suggestive postures'.

A surprisingly rare only-one-known poster of the 'original' Maltese Falcon movie starring Bebe Daniels and Ricardo Cortez is in the mix. The Hays Code banished the movie after 1933, so Humphrey Bogart and John Huston's remake sans nudity and steamy scenes is a copy.

I did not know that, did you?.