San Francisco Tops Most Expensive Place To Live

The state with the most debt, worst bond rating, highest taxes, worst housing losses, highest gas prices, highest food prices, and highest cost to live is the double-blue monster California.

So naturally, California has the city where it cost the most to live - San Francisco.

San Francisco is a mess. The sheriff of San Francisco is headed to jail for domestic violence. The homeless are thick, aggressive, and everywhere. Schools are bankrupt. And it costs an average of $2,000 just to call a run-down 2-bedroom apartment home. Rent at that level requires an annual wage of at least $74,500.

The cause? The city is a cesspool of left-wingers who over the decades have created a regulatory and fee nightmare that have driven up rents. The city has tacked onto the minimum wage making it the highest in the country - $10.24. Which means city residents have to pay big to eat too.

So, why bother?  Oh yea, you don't know any better - and your inflated-waged job is on Market St.

The rest of the top ten costly cities also include San Jose, CA and Irvine in Orange County, CA.  The blue states dominate this category - Hawaii, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Shocking...

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