Iran Has An Ace In The Hole

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often seems more comical and stiff than dangerous. But Israel cannot afford to under-estimate Mahmoud or the Ayatollahs that actually run the Iranian Muslim state.

Does Mahmoud and the backroom Mullahs have an ace in the hole? Why else try to defy the entire world?

Here is a likely reason. The once secret Furdow Nuclear Enrichment Plant is nearing completion. The facility is buried deeper than Israel's current ability to penetrate underground installations can achieve.

Iran believes that once Fordow becomes fully operational, threats of military attacks by the West will become futile and blunt any outside threat of annihilation.  The strategy is much the same the Germans used when they 'hardened' their submarine pens in Bordeaux, and their beach fortification at Normandy.

Today, on Iranian television, Mehdi Mohammadi, a nuclear program expert, said the Fordow facility “will change the strategic equation of Iran’s nuclear issue” and create a new environment for negotiations with the West.

Obama keeps making mistakes, especially regarding the paramount importance of stopping Iran. Sanctions have irritated, but not hindered Iran's beeline to getting their nuclear weapons.

US military experts think their upgraded bunker-busters can take Fordow out. For both Obama and Israels sake, they better be right.

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