Sex+Age Bias: Weatherworn Weatherman Sues CBS

TV weatherman Kyle Hunter, a 40+something washed-up weather guy is suing CBS for sex and age discrimination.

Kyle says he was bypassed in favor of 20-something top-heavy females. Kyle says young, hot women are hired regardless of weather qualifications because they attract male audience share. Kyle has an IQ of 27.

CBS says Kyle is full of hot air. CBS says Kyle is all wet because they simply chose not to hire Kyle. CBS wants ratings not meteorologists.

Kyle hired Gloria Allred. Gloria says this is the first time a male has filed under California's new, hyper-inclusive sex discrimination statutes.  Of course he did, Gloria is the best ambulance chaser out there and Gloria owns part of the LA County courthouse right?

Well, Kyle has no case of course. TV is entertainment, not the NOAA. Did he actually think TV weather reporting is a technical job? C'mon Kyle, you are over 40 dude, grow up...