Rush Limbaugh's $7 Birth Control Pill Slut

Just after Obama violated the 1st amendment jamming birth control pills down the Catholic Church throat a miracle happened.

All attention (coincidentally) has focused on an obscure, frumpy, left-wing goof named Sandra Fluke (flook). Ms Fluke is a 30-year old mother of two Georgetown law hobbit who wants schools to pay for birth control pills and sex change operations.

Since Sandra showed up uninvited in congress (coincidentally), the Catholic controversy went to sleep. Sandra, the poor law student who needs others to pay for her $7 a month birth control pills, has been criss-crossing the country appearing on the grimy liberal talk show circuit. Sandra's plane ticket fare, food, and ability to stay away from her studies seem to defy the notion that she is a 'poor' student.

Sandra has a bunch of 'new' friends too. Last week, (coincidentally) Obama and Anita Dunn found ways to come to Sandra's aid. And, (coincidentally) Gloria Allred, the liberal sleaze lawyer from Los Angeles is spitting at Rush Limbaugh on Sandra's behalf.

See the pattern folks? The left-wing are pack dogs and tricksters. And they bring their own dog food to the fight. A pit bull doesn't need a reason to attack. If it moves, and its not a pit bull, it has to be taken down. And that basically is the lesson of Sandra Fluke. She is the rabbit the pit bulls sent out to keep animal control officers from noticing they are out of the yard.

Will it change anything - no. It never does, but it gives them a chance to chew on others. And just feel like pit bulls again.

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