Joe The Plumber Goes To Washington

Lets face it, the cesspool known as Congress could use a good plumber.

The saga begins in a northern Ohio congressional primary race staged in a redrawn district pitting two senior Dem congress-toadies against each other. The 15-term Marcy Kaptur defeated 8-term Dennis Kucinich in the mini-bloodbath.

The caustic race between Kucinich and Kaptur was a divorce.  Kucinich always the poor sport charged Kaptur's campaign as, “lacking in integrity, filled with false truths.”  Recall, Kucinich was the party hobbit that tried to raise articles of impeachment against Bush over Iraq - yet appears fine with Obama over Libya

The district also happens to be the home of the GOP primary winner — Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber”. The jobless plumber that was approached by candidate Obama in 2008.  Joe became the central-figure in the class-warfare game Obama plays. McCain elevated the exchange pinpointing painting  Obama as a socialist - the wealth-transfer nightmare now reality.

When Joe takes down Kaptur it will be victory for citizens against career Washington hacks.  Kaptur is a liberal-to-progressive Democrat who is no friend to the private sector.  Joe Wurzelbacher by contrast is a working-class stiff who has never served in a political office - perfect idea huh folks?

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