Egypt's Dead Coptic Pope Gives Last Mass

Cast your eyes on Coptic Pope Shenouda III sitting on his thrown for the last time, in full regalia, dead. Shenouda was 117th such Pope in the Asian branch of the church started by Jesus. 

Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria was led by Shenouda for over forty-years. The Coptics are Christians, who split from the Roman Catholics around 451 AD. Less that 10% of Egyptians are Coptics and are continually attacked by their muslim countryman.

Shenouda was locked-up in the Wadi el Natrun monastery in 1981 by Sadat. He also had run-ins with Mubarak. Not clear what the current regime is going to do to them now that Shenouda is gone.

The head of Egypt's ruling military council, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, granted Christians let Christian civil servants take three days off. So it makes sense they have to hustle this guy's funeral.

The dead Pope on his throne seems a little, well, Egyptian doesn't it? Like a throwback to the days of Pharaoh? Well, they have been doing it like this since 451 AD so it must be okay...