Obama's Oil Waterloo

How can Obama avoid blame for rising gas prices while working diligently to ween Americans from oil altogether? Lie.

Obama has the bully pulpit. And he uses it to manipulate the public. How? Obama says the US uses 25% of the world's oil output (true), but has just 2% of the world's oil reserves (lie). The US has 7 times that, or over 1.5 trillion barrels of oil.

Obama has not so quietly blared that he wants to swap gas cars for electric ones. And he wants to swap oil drilling and coal-fired electric plants  for windmills and solar panels. The debate over how energy gets made, and what makes sense is another 'lie'. But Obama knows most people do not listen closely, or learn the basics, so he  lies.

Will the public see through Obama's lies?  Will they blame him for rising gas prices, despite less demand?  Will the public learn why electric cars use coal and oil anyway and pollute more than gas cars?  Will the public learn how solar and wind are far more expensive to make electricity, and today make less than 1% of the electric generating output in the USA?

So far, so good.  The GM Volt has no customers, even with massive government subsidies.  And we are all getting tired of the string of losers Obama is wasting billion on when he plays venture capitalist with our money.  When a CEO or a venture capitalist fails to hold the bottom line, they are fired.  The taxpayer stockholders are being ripped off.  Time to find a new CEO of the USA.

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