Obama Kisses Iran Slaps Israel

Wake up!

Obama and John Kerry are crowing today about a 'historic' agreement, as the liberal press trumpets, with Iran.

So what's not to like?

Iranian diplomat Mohammad Zarif triumphantly proclaimed the deal gives Iran the right to enrich weapon's grade material unmolested.

Obama quickly claimed a 'win' in the middle of last night, but conveniently omitted the - Iran gets to keep making a bomb part.  You see, Obama lifted sanctions against Iran secretly a few months ago, so the negotiations since have been completely one-sided.

The Israeli government is correctly alarmed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal an “unbelievable Christmas present,” noting Iran is free to sell oil again and still gets to go after their bomb “for practically no concessions at all.”

Remember, Obama's rear is against the wall over Obamacare. And Kerry was denied the WH lying about his war service. Why is anyone shocked these two would claim a victory where Iran finishes their bomb and Israel is thrown under the Mosque?

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