Chinese City Collects Kids In 'Baby Boxes'

China's one child policy is ending.  The limit put pressure on Chinese parents who had preferences for male kids.  So, imagine what the average couple did when they found out their one and only was gonna be a girl?

Many either aborted the kid, or birthed the fledgling female and parked her at social welfare agencies.

Shenzhen wants parents to leave those kids in little boxes deployed around the city. Some warn the boxes will make it easier for "irresponsible parents" to dump their unwanted kids.

Shijiazhuang has had the boxes taking in over 170 infants since 2011. Other cities in China setting up too.

Baby boxes were all the rage in medieval Europe. Germany started using them again last year. But the UN says the boxes violate the rights of children.

Ah, but abortion doesn't violate anyone's rights,  right?