Passengers Revolt Over Blind Guy Kicked Off Plane

US Airways has got some kind of hard bark when it comes to blind travelers.

Blind passenger Albert Rizzi's guide dog wasn't far enough under a seat to please a flight attendant on a Philadelphia commuter hop yesterday.  The yellow lab became a little restless after it had to lay prone for a full hour and a half while the plane sat on the tarmac.

Suddenly Rizzi was being escorted off the plane. Rizzi said, 'And I hear nobody else moving, and as I'm walking to the front, I'm like wait a second, why am I the only one getting off?'

The other passengers became outraged and started insisting the blind guy be left alone. So the captain told all the passengers to get off. The flight was over before it got off the ground.

US Airways is claiming Rizzi was verbally abusive.  Odd, wasn't the issue the dog?

US Airways and American Airlines are in the middle of a giant merger that'll birth an aviation behemoth - a giant unfriendly skies one could predict.

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