Muscled Males Sport Super-Sized Snouts

Did the gene lottery place a proboscis the size of Buick on your face?

The curse comes from what type of muscle mass one musters and  how much oxygen is needed to keep the sinew singing.

Males have lean muscles which demand higher volumes of O2. Women grow blubbery muscles - the soft, gelatinous kind that swim in fatty-acids and not oxygen.

Thus, men get turbo-charged air-scoops averaging 10% larger than the standard sniffers women protuberate.

Science stumbled onto the idea studying Neanderthals. The grizzly species had small foreheads and a face full of schnoz tuned to intake the massive volumes needed to feed their ice-age adapted hulking frames.

'Even if the body size is the same, males have larger noses, because more of the body is made up of that expensive tissue. And, it's at puberty that these differences really take off,' says study author Dr Nathan Holton.

Hey Nathan, explain Asian noses then, ooops. Gotcha...

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