Middle School Spreads Obama Race Propaganda

Obama is an abject failure.  Anyone saying so out loud is immediately tagged a racist. 

Just as Hitler's Germany focused on school kids in order to embed their notion of a 'New World Order' in young minds, likewise, the Obama regime is up to the same dangerous nonsense.  Hitler knew that kids could be manipulated far more easily than adults.

A book about Obama is exposing the fourth-graders at Illinois Bluffview Elementary to a bitter lie - that opposition to Obama is based entirely on his race.

Parents are outraged. But Bluffview school administrators defend the book saying it's not part of the school curriculum.

Don't believe it? Check this out: “But some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president. Other angry voices were raised. Barack’s former pastor called the country a failure. God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens, he said.”

Obama's Dept of Education chief Arne Duncan is behind the Common Core standards now the 'law' in all but four states. And this little book is part of that ploy, folks.