Study: Orgasm Fakers Cheat Most

Women who fake orgasms are 70% more likely to find fun outside their marriages says new research from the UK.

Dr Justin Lehmiller, a psychologist from Harvard University analyzed the findings, said: ‘The more orgasms a woman had faked, the more likely she was to have cheated previously and the greater her likelihood of cheating again.'

The study showed 68% of women who admitted to cheating also said they often faked an orgasm. Some 28% of men confessed doing it too, but it remains a mystery how a man can fake an orgasm.

Oddly, many of these women claimed their orgasm 'show' was to 'protect' the feelings of their partners. Yet somehow these same women failed to connect their philandering with stealing confidence and trust from their partners.

Aren't women strange?

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