Was The 2012 Election Rigged?

The 2012 election hinged on two big issues - Obamacare and the jobless rate.

Obama got caught perpetrating the dumbest deception in presidential history.  The 'keep your insurance' lie was sustained right up to the moment Obamacare went live and millions started to get cancellation notices.  The lie was often repeated during the 2012 election cycle.

Obama got another big fat gift from the Census department a few weeks before the vote in November 2012 - a fraudulent jobless number.    Remember it?  After years of stagnant jobless reports suddenly and conveniently the number dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%

The Labor department uses census taking of 60,000 households to determine the jobless number. The New York Post is reporting unidentified sources say a number of Census employees have falsified the monthly numbers.

Despite Census employee Julius Buckmon getting fired in 2010 for bolstering the numbers the practice has continued - and did so even more critically during the final quarter before the last election.

Everyone's losing except Obama.   Lies, lies and damn lies folks. Is it time for a redo?

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