Fat Kids High Fashion

Obesity is epidemic worldwide.  So what does an 'advanced' entrepreneurial western nation do to address the problem?

How about design a fashion forged to fit fat pre-teens rather than help them lose the weight?

Ruth Smith is a mother of one over-weight prepubescent boy. The rotund mom wants people to crowd-fund her plus-size kid's clothing line for ages 5-12, 'Hey Mom, It Fits!' - designed to 'give children confidence in their personal style.'

As Ruth rationalizes, 'A child shouldn't be stuck wearing sweatpants/shirts or a plain, baggy t-shirt simply because his/her body isn't society's image of perfection...as adults we should be supportive and help them through rough patches...'

How about that for a chunk of elucidated avoidance of confronting the real problem?

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